Brunswick formed in Baltimore, MD in 2022 after vocalist/guitarist Marc Cashin decided to record some songs he had written over the years. The goal was to record a small demo, just guitar & vocals, and keep it as a historical record of what he had written. After hooking up with long-time friend and producer, Stephen Antonelli (Songbuilder Studios), it became clear that these songs could be much more than just a small demo.


With that in mind, Marc reached out to drummer, Jamaal Turner. Marc and Jamaal had previously played in a band together and although they had spent years working on projects separately, Marc says he always knew that Jamaal was the only drummer who was right for these songs. From there, they found trombone player, John McCahey, an accomplished funk and jazz player around town. John quickly recommended that they bring in saxophonist Jay Fenner, a jazz powerhouse, and the band filled out their horn section with trumpeter extraordinaire, Makai Guest. Baltimore, having a small but tight musical scene, meant that rounding out the band just required talking to some old friends. John brought in friend Andrew O'Donnell to lock down the rhythm section on bass and later, Tom O'Donnell, a friend of Marc's and Jamaal's joined up on lead guitar. The final piece to the puzzle was the addition of Josh Miller on keys & organ. The band released their first EP, The Same Ground, in October 2022.

Photo by: Liz Pappas @barleymoon_photog