Have you ever heard one of those bands that combines a bunch of genre’s to flawlessly make great songs? If you haven’t, meet Baltimore band Brunswick” - Sam Lowry

Rebel Noise

Brunswick from Baltimore, Maryland plays an interesting mix of folk, pop, rock and lots of hints of country, jazz, soul & more. What does this end up sounding like? On some tracks it's like classic Dave Matthews Band or John Mayer and other times it has a more folk spin to it and comes off like Josh Ritter or other contemporary Americana acts.” - Blood Makes Noise

Blood Makes Noise

It's got that vibe and feel but the lyrics as well have so much personality and immediately tell a relatable story.” - Blood Makes Noise

What's Been in Our Inbox!

Seamlessly blending a combination of indie/alternative energy, singer-songwriter lyrics, pop arrangements, and a three piece funky horn section, Brunswick’s music capitalizes on the best aspects of most “popular” genres without being forced or sounding like they’re trying too hard.” - Big Takeover Exclusive

The Big Takeover


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